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New Hampster

Monday, May 22, 2006

We're here. The trip up was uneventful. My parents drove the truck up at their own pace, so we, in need of speed b/c of Adam's interview on Monday, left them about 3 hours into the trip. Which was good, since I've heard that they stopped at every rest stop, except for one, between Louisiana and New Hampshire.

Our view was nice on the way up. I think Virginia was the prettiest.

We would have gotten here a day earlier, but my brother wanted an extra day to get the house ready. So we stopped early in New York, ate New York pizza (which wasn't good) and got to our destination early on Saturday.

The Baby was really good on the drive, considering the length. But since we stopped early, he had 2 days worth of boy energy to burn and he was like a
wind-up toy let loose until he passed out from exhaustion around 11. We had to unplug the hotel phone because he kept picking it up to say "Hey Feed" (his
name for Daffyd). We think he assumed that all that car time meant we were heading to an event.

Sunday we took a drive though Worcester, MA to see the school where Adam is interviewing. The city is gorgeous!! The girls and I loved the Victorian style houses that were in such an array of colors -- no drab beiges and toupes here! Plus there was a hand-made cloth shop by the school, and it also taught spinning a
weaving!! And lots of Pottery shops and bookstores. Fina kept pointing to rock formations and saying "I can climb that."

We got to my brother's around 3. He really did leave an almost empty house. So we can move our stuff in here until Adam gets settled into a job (which, keep
your fingers crossed, hopefully will be soon) and get a house close to where he works.

We got no sleep on Sunday night. My brother's dogs, who are used to being inside, protested by barking all night long -- no exaggeration. So Adam has a 10 hour interview on no sleep, pretty much for 4 days. Hope he does well.


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Our truck got here, and my brother was overwhelmed with our belongings that he won't let us move into his empty house. So for six months, we will have to live out of rubber-maids and have no furniture. He had said that we wouldn't need anything, but he literally emptied the house out and turned all of the utilities off except for the electricity. We had to drop a good bit Sunday on air mattresses and sheets or sleep on the really cold floor. This really wasn't what we were told the situation would be. I guess we should make the best of it. We'll have to rent storage units to put our stuff in temporarily.

Bjorn and Luca came over to help, but there was nothing to do since we did not unload anything except the matresses. But it was a nice visit.

Other good new, despite not having slept in 4 days, Adam's 10 hour interview went well. We just have to wait to hear back.


Thursday, May 25, 2006

My parents finally left, which is good since they were not terribly pleasant to be around. They are nervous about my brother. They donot get along with him, and are afraid he is going to go off on them, which he has done in the past. So every time he comes over, they are tense, which makes everyone else tense.

We went into Salem today to look for Salem State College, where Adam has another interview tomorrow. We got utterly lost. The streets are all under construction, there are no street signs and we went around the same detour 3 times before figuring out how to get out of the loop. We finally found the tourist center where we could look for maps and get directions.

While we were trying to decifer the maps and keep the baby from breaking the displays, WPI called and offered Adam the job. So we didn't have to find Salem State after all, and we were free to enjoy the afternoon and look around Salem!!

Here's a picture outside the visitors' center I took while Adam was talking on the phone.

One thing you can say about New England is that the churches are beautiful and old. Sometimes only one or the other. Here is the Episcople church in Salem across from the Witches' Church.

All Cities in New England have town centers or commons. This is Salem's. It was very pretty.

Oddly enough, the highlight of our day was not Adam getting a job, or seeing the Witches' Church, or the House of Seven Gables, but getting lost on the way out and find a Crusty's Pizza!


May 29th

Adam starts work on June 5th, so that gives us a week and a half to get ready. He needs a car and new clothes (since he's a manager). Finding stuff in New England is not easy. First of all, there are no street signs - or very few of them. Second, streets change names every mile or so. The towns bleed into eachother, and each town has to have its own name for the streets. So the connecting streets change names literally every or so.

Then all of the towns have the same street names. They each have a Central St and a Main St. And they all have streets named after the surrounding towns. For example, Dover has streets named Rochester, Somersworth, Gonic, and Portsmouth. Those four towns have streets named after the other 4 too. So we spent 2 hours looking for a post office on Washington ST., only after finding Washington St, realizing that we had the wrong town. It is interesting.

Plus they have street signs that we've never seen before.

Frost Heaves

Thickly Settled


Monday, May 30th

We took a little day trip to Maine's Coast. It was beautiful and much rougher than the Gulf. It was cold and rocky, but very soothing to watch.

We did not stay long since it was much colder than we expected.


May 31st - Meg's 8th B-day

Meg has the bad luck that over 50% of her B'days have been during time periods where our lives were in utter dissaray. For her first b-day, we were in the middle of a move. For her second, b-day we were in the middle of a move. For her 3rd b-day, we had just moved, had a fight with our closer friends, and had no one to invite. For her 4th b-day, we did a joint party 2 friends, whose daughters' b-days were near by, and Meg's was forgotten. For this one, we, again, had just moved.

Notice the fancy priority mail package wrapping paper.